1.- Classrooms

Our classrooms and large, luminous and are adapted to each age. In each classroom you can find the most modern security systems such as soft corners, high sockets and light switches, etc.

Parents can also enjoy a video surveillance system which allows them to see their children through webcams. Thanks to a password, the parents have access to the system from wherever they want.

Programa y manual
2.- Music room
In this space we have fun making songs with gestures, dances, playing Orff instruments, and even singing. Through music we develop creativity and imagination, with different games we also improve psychomotor skills and memory. Music is very beneficial in many aspects, developing empathy and emotions.
3.- The psychomotricy classroom
At this age children experience a great change in their mobility. They go from only being able to lie down to being able to jump and run. This is a change of great importance in their psychomotor evolution. Violonchelo Blue has thought in this and has created a specialized and independent area –the psychomotricity classroom- where the child can evolve physically.
4.- Multi-purpose room

Children can perform different activities in this space and use it as a playroom. Here is the music corner, where they have a piano and several musical instruments (xylophones, tambourines…)

We also use this space as a dining area at hours intended to feed the children.

5.- Playground

This space is only for fun. Children will be able to play without limits, but always under their teacher's vigilance.

The school is a safe place where the little ones can run, jump and have great fun all year round. In summer they can also enjoy water activities and wading pools.

6.- Kitchen

Another service that Violonchelo Blue offers to the parents all along the year is the school canteen where the food is provided by a catering firm. The parents may choose between the food provided by the firm Barrigola or their own home-made food.

Nutrition is a key factor for the appropriate development of the child and, therefore, the menus are elaborated by specialized staff and under a nutritionist's supervision.