Violonchelo Blue is a young nursery school with an educational model of its own where the child is the centre of our work. Our activities and proposals use a methodology which is specific for the first cycle for it is in these first three years of the emotional and creative development of the child that we focus on.

Our dedication is addressed to the education of the younger ones and to the development of teaching-learning processes that will favour the growing up of the children boosting skills and habits that will be essential for their evolutional development. At the same time we stimulate children since they are babies in the different areas of their intellectual, emotional and motor development.

The school is specialized on the first cycle of nursery education, from 0 to 3 years old. We use teaching and stimulation formulae with the objective that students develop their faculties to the maximum degree. Our centre leads nursery education in Spain and we try to help families with their work-life balance. We are aware that some parents, although not under these circumstances, know about the importance of their children's attendance to our school to favour their evolutional and cognitive development. This attendance also allows them to deepen their socialization and improve their emotional, affective and interpersonal relationships. It will help them when they become the adults of the future.

Our identity signs are based on a trilingual education, that is English-Spanish-Galician and on an initiation to music. As you will see, in our educational model, we also encourage the children to be creative, to share and collaborate and to know their environment thanks to values such as politeness, respect and independence.

Our educational project is based on the Finnish model. We enjoy open spaces where we use natural light as much as possible. We favour the participation of the parents in the classroom with the intention of encouraging a family-oriented society and an awareness of nature and our environment.