1.- Estimulación temprana

En Violonchelo Blue contamos con un proyecto de calidad diseñado para estimular y potenciar las habilidades y conocimientos de los niños, basado en nuestro conocimiento de los beneficios de la escolaridad temprana:

  • Los niños son más ágiles, atrevidos, perceptivos y capaces.
  • Tienen mayor autonomía.
  • Adquieren unos hábitos alimenticios correctos.
  • Desarrollan el gusto de hacer las cosas por si mismos.
  • Aprenden a relacionarse con niños de su edad, siendo más sociables.
  • Desarrollan una mayor capacidad para las lenguas y aumenta su concentración y capacidad de razonamiento.
  • Aprenden las rutinas y costumbres como una forma de asumir responsabilidad.
2.- Physical development

Through exercises of psychomotricity, we stimulate the development of the mobility of the small ones:

Gross motor skills:

  • Spatial concepts, sense of balance, control of the own body.
  • Circuits of psychomotricity.
  • We climb, crawl and slide in the playground.
  • We dance and move following the rhythm of the music.

Fine motor skills:

  • Hand- eye coordination, better motor control.
  • We build with blocks and puzzles.
  • We play with modelline clay.
  • We paint with fingers, waxes and brushes.


3.- English

Violonchelo Blue  knows how important is for children to start, from the earliest childhood, to be in contact with several languages, since in our Autonomous Community we have Spanish and Galician, We have incorporated English to facilitate the future learning of other languages in the next stages of education. Different languages are spoken equally in classrooms to encourage hearing development in different phonemes


4.- Music

Through musical education we want to inculcate the sensibility to capture the musical message (understand the music) and train the ear, the voice and the rhythm, these will be the objectives throughout this school stage, for which the child must acquire a hearing education related to the concepts of sound and silence. It also serves as a vehicle for stimulating and improving the sense of hearing, which is basic for languages.

Sensory education has a main place in music education, as the starting point for awakening other human faculties in the child. The means must be active and stimulating and should  encourage the child for being interested and curious.

5.- Family

We believe in the family as the basis ofsociety and where the child must develop his first steps. This is why we encourage the participation of families in different activities of the school (commemorations and parties) and we open the doors of the classrooms to the parents, mothers, grandparents, etc. in order to make the child feel in a secure and familial atmosphere.
6.- Educating in values

We carry out several activities to promote  social values:

  • We visit other educational centers, such as Alca School. Where we visit students of the next cycle of education and show us some activities so they can see what will be the next stage of their development.
  • We are also visited at our school by the elders of the Mas Vivir Day Centre, and we carry out activities together so that children learn to respect their elders.
  • We make excursions to know different environments, like a dairy cow farm and some other animals. We also visit an equestrian, Haras de Compostela, where they know the habitat of horses, where they teach us the every day  care of these animals, and we give our first class of horse riding.
  • We visit the shops of the village to show them the different trades.