1.- Let's Play, complementary service

Violonchelo Blue has a complementary afternoon service for children of ages 3-8 with the objective of continuing their musical and trilingual formation. Once they are 3 years old and have reached the goal of understanding and speaking the three languages –Galician, Spanish and English- it doesn't seem logical to lose this ability so we reinforce it with Let's Play.

This is a fun system through which they learn while they play. All the activities are done in English and are interrelated with music.

2.- Workshop of the parents

The staff of this school considers that it is very important to provide the parents of our students with extra support. We do so through a workshop where various matters of interest can be addressed. The workshop sessions begin with an informal chat on the different theoretical approaches by professionals specialized in different areas. In addition to the professional advice, the sessions encourage parents to provide their ideas and guidelines in order to find solutions together regarding the education, habits and routines of their children.

3.- Familiary parties
4.- Educational concert.
5.- Psychomotricity
6.- Tree House (reading corner)
7.- New technologies
8.- Environment Knowledge
9.- Tours and nature